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ERM Digital Encounters

Where do Estonians tweet after the midnight? Do the cell towers reveal that during Midsummer’s Day all Estonians stay in the countryside. What does Johannes Aavik’s sudoku look like? How to reconstruct the 16th-century city space, if everything that’s left is a ground map and book loads of medieval chitchat? And all in all – does all this data processing, content creation, and visualization, does it all end up being just some kind of a game?

The answers lie on the digital screens at the Estonian National Museum’s permanent exhibition “Encounters”.



Platvorm OÜ
↳ Mikk Meelak, Marti Kaljuve, Mikk Pärast, Raul Kalvo, Andreas Wagner

Exhibition designers

3+1 architects, Marko Raat (Allfilm), Timo Toots (Masinism), Platvorm

Exhibition producer

Kaarle Kannelmäe (3+1 architects)