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Flow for EU2017

"Flow” is an interactive installation for Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, set up at Tallinn Creative Hub and Brussels Europa Building. Part of the interior design for the presidency, “Flow” is a digital artwork that visualises nature through digital algorithms and allows viewers to interfere with the forces of nature – catch a virtual gust of wind, float in the breeze of Ristna peninsula or try to form a tornado with passing-by Chancellor Merkel. In the absence of visitors the flow will by itself, based on the wind speed measured at the Ristna peninsula weather station on Hiiumaa Island.


Creative lead → Mikk Meelak

↳ Marti Kaljuve, Mikk Pärast

Modeller → Raul Kalvo

Graphic Designer → Agnes Ratas

Technical producer → Andreas Wagner

Customer → Riigikantselei