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Sound Installation Kiiker

What is happening on the marine highway between Kärdla and Hanko? Who’s sailing there and where are they headed? The sound installation on a beach in Kärdla is peeking into the distance behind the horizon with the help of digital technologies. Vessels travelling in the observed sector are announcing the newest info about their current location, speed, and direction. Every now and then they might also reveal hints of their intent and destination.

A picture of the installation called Kiiker

Installation is based on Automatic Identification System (AIS). AIS is a critical component for safe and efficient maritime traffic. The AIS system relies on ships constantly sending out information about their location and direction to other vessels, allowing for the best possible coordination and safety measures to be taken. The use of AIS helps to minimize the potential for danger and increase the overall effectiveness of marine transportation.

The messages transmitted by ships through the AIS are read in real‑time by Tõnu, a speech synthesizer that has been developed by the Institute of the Estonian Language.

The project was part of spatial installation called Kiiker/Appariton — an attempt to revitalize forgotten place embodying a lifeboat shed that got destroyed during the last war at Kärdla. Appariton was built and curated by Vaikla Studio .

A picture of the installation called Kiiker
A picture of the installation called Kiiker from far away



↳ Mikk Meelak

Spatial installation

Vaikla Studio
↳ Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla, Urmo Vaikla